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Today, foreigners can often borrow non-banking means as well, because a permanent residence permit is sufficient.

Borrowing money non-bank is definitely easier than ever. Today, many Czech non-banking institutions do not need Czech citizenship much more, and new opportunities are opening up especially for foreigners. They often seek citizenship, but so far have only a permanent residence permit and the entire administrative process is not easy. Extra money is sometimes needed by every household; fortunately, a suitable solution is offered.


It doesn’t matter where you are from

foreigner loan

A non-bank loan is here for all who meet a few basic criteria. For example, in our country you need only a little, of course should be your own account in one of the Czech banks, otherwise the transaction can not be executed. The option is not only the so-called hand loan, but also cashless transactions, depending on what the applicant actually prefers. And what else is needed to apply for a non-bank loan with us?

  • Age over 18 years. Non-banking society has the full right to determine this age limit according to itself, the law only regulates the lower limit – which is the age of majority, ie eighteen years of age.
  • Czech citizenship or permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic. It does not matter if you are a native Czech or you come from abroad. The application will always be assessed on an individual basis.
  • Permanent income which can be substantiated. As a foreigner, of course, you can borrow up to fifteen thousand dollars with us, but it is necessary that you show what you want to pay back.

Another condition is the debt to the company where you want to borrow, but also the email address and mobile phone, which are necessary to communicate with the non-banking provider. After all, who shouldn’t, right? If you do all this, it doesn’t matter where you were born or spent most of your life. The online loan calculator then instantly shows you what the entire loan would look like – all the numbers pretty neat, on a single screen. This is also important, because everyone wants to know the details, without them it is impossible to judge whether the loan is advantageous or better to look elsewhere…


Simple administration plays a prime role here

people loan

No one will find out whether you are living in a small studio or you own a large family house. Likewise, providers of non-bank loans at all do not care if you have a cat, dog or ferret and turtle at home. In short, things are essential and things are rather secondary, when you take a small loan, it is necessary to show what you will repay it from. And then the provider will decide if it would be a problem for you or everything is OK and proving a permanent income was rather a small formality. Time is expensive, which we all know – but you will not wait here for long!


Loan approval is a matter of just a quarter hour

Loan approval is a matter of just a quarter hour

Also, you will not wait for anything, whether you are a new client and therefore the first free loan applies, or you return after a few weeks with another application. In any case, the door is open, all you have to do is meet the essentials that are applied to every applicant without exception. The loan will be approved online, there is no need for you to relax from work and go personally in the morning. You can find out everything via email or SMS, so the solution to the short-term financial crisis is literally at your fingertips. All you have to do is outline your idea and the non-bank provider will deal with everything immediately.There is no danger of waiting for several days as in the bank, you will not have to provide a lot of personal information, which you are reluctant to tell even your more intimate loved ones.

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