Tenant credit repurchase – Easy Credit Repurchase.

Anyone may at some point experience difficulties in carrying out projects. Living on credit offers the possibility of making purchases in complete peace of mind with repayments spread over time.

As a result, the temptations are constant and it is easy to obtain new aid by multiplying the credits.

As a result, the temptations are constant and it is easy to obtain new aid by multiplying the credits.

However, life is made up of unforeseen events and a loss of job, death, illness or other hazard can arise at any time. It becomes difficult to honor debts on a daily basis. It is becoming urgent to get out of this vicious circle and resort to loan repurchase so as not to let the situation get worse, even if you are a tenant.

This refinancing solution makes it easier to support the amount of your rent added to the repayments of consumer loans. This is an unsecured debt restructuring since you do not have the option to pledge real estate property, and it will have the effect of reducing monthly payments.

We can combine all your existing loans to replace them in a single loan at the lower amount. The loan repurchase for tenants concerns all loans, no matter how many you have taken out, and you will only have one statement left. The credits being grouped together, you can manage your budget better.

However, in the event that you are a tenant and filed with the Cream Bank, it is impossible to make a loan repurchase to break a financial deadlock, except by asking for a mortgage guarantee from a member of your family.

Advantages of buying back a loan for a tenant

Advantages of buying back a loan for a tenant

Your loans are fully repaid and we are setting up a new single credit replacing all the others. The loan repurchase reschedules the repayment period, which makes it possible to pay a lower credit load than before.

The amount of your monthly payments is reduced and will save you up to 60% of what you currently pay back. The new loan is also based on a new fixed interest rate better suited to your situation.

You really bring to your budget the breath of oxygen necessary for its balance. We choose with you the duration of repayment of your new credit, according to your situation and your expectations. We take into account the amount of your rent in your expenses to offer a lasting solution.

You have the possibility of integrating other personal debts which will be directly taken into account in the operation of repurchase of tenant credit. You can also request an additional sum of money which will be made available to you upon acceptance of your file.

Thus, not only do you have only one loan to repay, but you also have the possibility of saving again to consider other projects such as home ownership. The management of your finances is greatly simplified, you finally find peace of mind every day. Finally, be aware that the purchase of unsecured consumer loans includes all loans without exception.

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